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December 3, 2013 / ginavoskov2013


On Friday, Edie will be six months old. I’ve been trying to process that for a while now. I’ve also continued to process that I am actually a mother. It’s been six months, and I still can’t believe it, so now you get an idea about my processing skills.

She is sleeping now, one of her two or three naps every day. Since she was four months old, she’s been a really solid day sleeper, for which I am extremely thankful. But it does make it hard to do things during the day, so I find myself keeping busy at home. And by “busy” I mean refreshing my FaceBook page and hoping for email. Also tracking packages for all of my online purchases. Because it’s hard to get outside, I do all of my shopping on the Internet. And I buy WAY more shit that no one needs that way. I think the Internet was made for stay-at-home parents whose babies keep them trapped at home.

People are always asking about milestones. “Is she rolling over?” “Is she sleeping through the night?” It’s immediately clear to me who has children or not when I get questions like, “Is she talking?” or “When will she walk?” They’re the exact same questions I asked only a year ago.
So let’s talk about the milestones in our family at six months:

1) I have spent one night “away” from Edie. That night was actually at her grandparents’ house, when I slept downstairs and she slept upstairs and her grandparents took care of her through the night. The purpose of that night was so I could get some sleep, but I woke up every time she woke up and also every time she didn’t wake up.

2) I can travel by myself with her. We spent two nights, just the two of us, in an apartment in Boston a couple of weeks ago. I knew I was in for some rough nights because Edie just does NOT sleep when we are away from home. (WHY?? Someone please help me.) Apart from the nighttime, we had a great time. I visited all of my old neighborhoods, wandered around Newbury Street, and met lots of friends at the conference where I was presenting. And during my presentation, my good friend and colleague babysat her in the apartment. That was officially the first time I left her with anyone not related to me.

3) I left her with someone not related to me.

4) I get to stay home one more month with her! A few weeks ago, I told Dennis that I didn’t want to go back to work at all. So that would mean nine more months without a paycheck. Dennis wasn’t thrilled about that (and, frankly, neither was I) so we compromised. Edie will be nine months old by the time I go back to work. I think that’s a good first year for her–for both of us, actually. And the best part is that she will only have to be in someone else’s care for 6 weeks. Dennis stops working in May and gets two months off, so then he can be a stay-at-home dad.

5) House cleaners are THE SHIT. In my adult life, I have never had other people clean my house apart from the couple of times in Brazil when I thought I kind of had to, but then felt weird about it and decided I’d be okay with everything covered in a thin layer of dust. But for the past few months, we have invested in that delicious service and I am really afraid that I’ll never go back. Who am I kidding–I’m not afraid.

And now for the baby milestones. Edie can:

  • Sit up unsupported.
  • Stand with support.
  • Eat a few solids–she’s tackled: apple, pear, mango, clementine, banana, butternut squash, and avocado. Of the above, the only one she’s really eaten and digested is the squash–the others she’s just gummed and sucked on with the occasional chunk coming off and into her mouth. And the avocado she mostly just spread all over her tray.
  • Roll over in all directions. We’re working on somersaults, but I think we have a couple weeks left before she can really do it on her own.
  • Sleep on her stomach sometimes–which results in super deep sleep. Yay!

She can do so many more things, but these are the big new developments within the past two weeks. It is just amazing how quickly she is changing!


And now for some questions for you.

1) Why the hell can’t she sleep away from home? (We’ve tried replicating everything–the sound machine, the position in the bed, the clothes that smell like home, the blanket, the routine….)

2) In January, I may be taking her to Belize if I can get our passports sorted. (PS, do you know how difficult it is to get a passport for a baby?? I mean, thank god, but wow.) I’ll be traveling by myself with her to then meet up with family for about a week. What tips do you have for me about  airplane travel, solo travel, and beach vacations?




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  1. meeshie / Dec 3 2013 11:37 am

    Umm.. the sleep thing? eh.. your kid knows where home is and where it isn’t. And your kid is stubborn. *laughs* I haven’t a clue on a fix for stubborn.. sorry. 🙂

    But! While you’re doing all that online shopping? Google ‘tula baby carrier’. That might solve most other issues and hell.. it might solve some of the sleep issues. It’ll also let you do whatever you need to do. It’s the best carrier out there and it’ll last you until that kid is at least three years old if not older.

    Seriously SO much easier than using a stroller and you can use a Tula on your back so you can pop her up there and just get your stuff done.

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